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Lynn Carlson is the GIS Manager of the Environmental and Remote Technologies Lab at Brown. She started using GIS in 1985 when there was only one GIS software product made by ESRI, Inc. - command line Arc/Info version 5, running on the Prime Operating System with "client computers" that were merely graphic display monitors (Tektronix).

She has seen the technology change tremendously - from the very first GUI (Arcview 1!) up to the current ArcGIS Desktop 9.2, and the addition of companion GIS software by ESRI, Inc. such as ArcPad, and ArcIMS, and ArcGIS Server.

Arriving at Brown University in the fall of 1998, Lynn has experience providing training and technical support in the utilization of these software products through workshops and formal courses. She is also available to provide GIS services for research-related activities by faculty members in all disciplines.